CPC’s unique ability to design, engineer and manufacture replacement spare parts for Severe Service Multipath Control Valves has positioned us as a major supplier to many world renowned companies:

Severe Service Replacement Parts

CPC means performance, value, and customer service.

Direct replacements for CCI Disk Stack technology in Severe Service Control Valves.

  • 100% interchangeability.
  • No new inventory needed.
  • No retraining of personnel.
  • Parts identified with OEM part number and CPC unique part number for easy traceability.
  • CPC standard deliveries are the fastest in the industry.
In addition to the control valve trims CPC stocks all valve and actuator soft goods ready for immediate shipping.

Upgrade Solutions

  • An engineered solution incorporating CPC designed trim into an existing valve body
  • Fits into most globe & angle cage guided valves
  • CPC assumes complete responsibility of the valve
  • Full documentation provided
  • Provide different technology into existing valve bodies – improve life/operating of the valve
  • Reuses existing high priced components, body, actuator, etc.
  • Saves cost of piping modifications
  • Lower installation costs plant downtime is shorter

Fully Sintered Tungsten Carbide Multipath Trims

Carter Process Control GmbH has designed and engineered(Patent Pending) a Solid Tungsten Carbide multi Stage Severe Service Trim for Control Choke Valves with “NO” brazing, EDM or Erosion. The product is called the “JACK” trim standing for Joint Adverse Carbide Knowledge.

As a non valve manufacturer but with extensive control valve trim manufacturing experience CPC is uniquely positioned to supply its trim to any valve manufacturer or end user that requires a severe service multistage pressure reduction trim. Available in an almost limitless range of sizes and pressure reduction stages to fit the most arduous of operating conditions.

Replacement Spray Water Nozzles

Carter Process Control GmbH has spent a considerable amount of time designing and testing a complete range of interchangeable spray water nozzles for existing installations. These desuperheating nozzles are direct replacements to the OEM and are designed to be 100% equivalent or better but with large savings against the OEM price.

Each size of nozzle is now stocked in considerable quantities and are ready for immediate despatch upon customers request.

Bypass Valve Quick Change Seat

Carter Process Control GmbH is helping its customers to reduce maintenance and downtime by upgrading the welded in seats on the VLB/VLR type Bypass valves with a quick change non welded seat design.

The new trim design comes complete with all parts including soft goods and tooling for installation can also be provided. This upgrade can be achieved in any size of valve and has been completed many times successfully by CPC Worldwide.

Plug Strainer Upgrade

Carter Process Control GmbH provides a solution to magnetite build up within turbine bypass valves. We provide either a modification to the existing plug or a complete new trim solution. The plug is machined to accommodate a strainer where the magnetite can collect and be removed during routine maintenance.

The fitting of this strainer prevents the magnetite collecting around the top of the plug and bonnet which causes stiction and even valve stoppage resulting in costly downtime and poor control.

CPC Service

Carter Process Control GmbH has partnered with a global service company to provide a full aftermarket support program to its products and customers.

CPC can provide parts for installation and commissioning plus valve repair and refurbishment along with upgrades and improvements, application studies and failure analysis. etc.

Disclaimer: “The Trade Marks CCI and IMI CCI are owned by Control Components, Inc. of IMI Critical Engineering (a division of IMI Plc). VLR and VLB are also Trade Marks owned by IMI Critical Engineering. Carter Process Control GmbH is not affiliated with Control Components, Inc., IMI Critical Engineering, IMI Plc or any other group company of IMI Plc”